When an expanding abyss opens beneath two unaware foxes, only one has enough time to jump safely away. The other plumits into a cave with no visible way back to the surface. An untamed world seeks to keep these two separate forever. Play along and help them find each other again before its too late.
Fox Dash Two is a side scrolling 2D platformer for Android, and plays the sequel to the original Fox Dash. Development started May 29th, 2012 just a few months after the first game's release. Since then the game has been made open source and freely available for use in other games. Currently, Fox Dash Two is released. Go check it out on Google Play.
Fox Dash Two features an HTML5 level editor that runs in your favorite browser. Make as many maps as you like with features including platforms, lights, switches, and more. The maps will instantly be availible in game to download and play!

All artwork for the game is a combination of fantastic backgrounds and platforms by Patrick Kowalik and detailed characters and UI by Raymond Griffith. Raymond assisted with artwork in the first game and is excited to be more involved in the second.

More than 7 full length songs will be produced for the game, each unique to a level and theme. Fredrick Miller is the primary driver of the music score, and Lonzo Rust assisting with sounds. Download the sound track today!
  • Jakob Griffith: Developer and programmer, Jakob has been the primary driver behind Fox Dash and Fox Dash Two.
  • Daniel Imhoff: Javascript and PHP extraordinaire , Daniel lead the development on the HTML5 level editor thats used to build every level in the game.
  • Patrick Kowalik: Artist and dreamer, Patrick brings Fox Dash Two to life with his fantastic backgrounds and art assets.
  • Kevin Poisson: Story and all the details, Kevin meshes fantasy with reality as he weaves together the Fox Dash Two adventure.
  • Fredrik Miller: Music and beats, Fredrick composes the fantastic score played through the entire game.
  • Lonzo Rust: Sound and silence, Lonzo adds the subtle but very important touches that go the extra mile in giving the game energy.
  • Brady Jackson: Design and creativity, Brady entwines the sights, sounds, and story together to make the levels for Fox Dash Two.
  • Raymond Griffith: Additional art and expertise, Raymond draws and animates the foreground and main characters.